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If you need to take care of your relative or member of their family in Australia who has a long-term medical condition without reasonable care options in Australia and you are inside Australia, you may qualify for an SC 836 Carer Visa

You have to:

  • Be inside Australia when you apply for you visa and at the time it is granted
  • Be a carer for your relative or a member of their family who has no reasonable access to care in Australia
  • Be sponsored by your relative or their spouse. Please contact our office to learn more


With an SC 836 Carer visa, you can:

  • Live in Australia permanently
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Qualify for Medicare
  • Sponsor your relatives to come to Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia whilst your visa is valid for up to 5 years
  • Ultimately become an Australian citizen


Indicative Costs:

  • Government visa application charges (VAC)
    • First Instalment – AUD 1825
    • Second Instalment – AUD 2065
    • Total - AUD 3890
  • Registered Migration agent (RMA) charges – AUD 3650
  • Other charges such as medical and police clearance etc. are applicable and can vary.
  • The second instalment may be waived in certain circumstances. Please contact our office to learn more



  • You must be a carer. Please contact our office to learn what this entails
  • You must be sponsored
  • You must hold or have held a substantive visa. Please contact our office to learn more
  • Meet the health requirements
  • Meet the character requirements
  • Not had a visa cancelled or refused. Please contact our office to learn more