More Information

If you used to be a permanent resident or have previously served in the Australian Defence Force, no longer live in Australia but would like to do so again, you may qualify for a Former Resident visa SC 151

You have to:

  • Make an application on paper and not by using the internet
  • Meet the age, long residency or defence service requirements


With an SC 151 Former Resident visa, you can:

  • Live in Australia permanently again
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Qualify for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor your relative to come to Australia
  • Ultimately become an Australian citizen


Indicative Costs:

  • Government visa application charges (VAC) – AUD 4025
  • Registered Migration agent (RMA) charges – AUD 3850
  • Other charges such as medical, police clearance etc. are applicable and can vary.



  • You are younger than 45 years at the time you apply
  • If you are 18 years or older:
    • Spent at least 9 years in Australia as a permanent resident before you have turned 18 years of age
  • If you are younger than 18:
    • Spent at least half your life in Australia as a permanent resident
  • You have never been an Australian citizen
  • You have kept close business, cultural or present ties with Australia (even after you left Australia), including keeping regular contact with relatives or friends, frequent visits, owning property or having an active business interest
  • If you have previously served in the Australian Defence Force:
  • Completed at least 3 months of continuous service
  • Were discharged from the Australian Defence Force before 3 months of service due to medical reasons
  • Meet the health requirements
  • Meet the character requirements
  • Provide assurance of support
  • Have no debt to the Australian government