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If you have specialised skills, knowledge or experience not generally available in Australia and are required to do short-term highly specialised work in Australia, you may qualify for an SC 400 Temporary Work (Short-Stay Specialist) visa

You have to:

  • Have highly specialised skills, knowledge or experience that could assist Australian business
  • Only do the work for which your SC 400 was granted


With an SC 400 Temporary Work (Short-Stay Specialist) visa, you can:

  • Work in a highly specialised job
  • Bring family members along with you
  • Stay in Australia temporarily for up to 6 months



Indicative Costs:

  • Government visa application charges (VAC) AUD 315
  • Registered Migration agent (RMA) charges – AUD 555
  • Other charges such as medical and police clearance etc. are applicable and can vary.



  • You have to provide evidence of your specialised skill, knowledge or experience that can assist Australian business
  • You need to provide evidence of work you have in Australia
  • Have enough money to support yourself and members of your family during your stay in Australia
  • Meet the health requirements
  • Meet the character requirements
  • Be a “genuine temporary entrant” (GTE)