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With an SC 494 you can:

With an SC 494 you can:

  • Live, work and study only in designated regional areas of Australia for 5 years. Please contact our office to find out if your destination qualifies
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want whilst your visa is valid
  • Apply for a permanent visa at a later stage. Please contact our office to find out how


Indicative costs:

  • Government visa application charges (VAC) – A$ 4115
  • Registered Migration agent (RMA) charges - A$ 2000
  • Other charges such as skills assessments, medical, police clearance, English test etc. are applicable and can vary. Also if applicable there could be second instalments of VAC in certain circumstances.



  • You need to be under 45 years of age at the time of the application (Exemptions Apply)
  • You need to be nominated by an approved business sponsor Your occupation for which you are nominated must appear on MLTSSL or ROL
  • You must demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to perform the nominated occupation
  • For certain occupations you will require a skills assessment.
  • You must have at least 3 years work experience at the skill level required for your nominated occupation
  • You must meet the health requirements
  • You must meet the character requirements
  • You must meet the English language requirements (Exemptions Apply)
  • You have not contravened the “paying for visa sponsorship” prohibitions (Exemptions Apply)



  • Strict conditions apply to this visa about your workplace and work conditions. Please contact our office if you need to know how it affects your circumstances.